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It’s Hypothetical… or is it ?

The following is a hypothetical situation set in suburbia to try and give the broader Community an insight into our position in the Upper Yarra Valley.

The Heidelberg Hopping Frog is considered endangered. The social media savvy Rural Victorians have decided that the crown land nature strips, which are fortunately well maintained by the adjacent residences, could be revegetated and turned into artificial frog ponds.

They run a small ad in the Local Heidelberg and Ivanhoe newspapers. This states that the Rural Victorian Frog Recovery Council [RVFRC] is investigating the habitat of the Heidelberg Hopping Frog. No mention that their control of the crown land nature strips is being removed. A public meeting is held, not many turn up at the meeting except for the social media savvy Rural Victorian Frog Friends Organisations members. These are the people who turn up a couple of Sundays a year, for a frog pond digging afternoon. That’s the end of their responsibility and the practical responsible urban dweller must do all the weeding, cleaning etc.

So only mainly submissions from frog supporters were received. Of course the Panel of Government Agencies assessing the submissions were sympathetic to the frog cause, having been carefully chosen for the role. The Legislation goes through Parliament with no objections.

Residents of Heidelberg and Ivanhoe are sent letters informing them that their nature strips are going to be turned into frog ponds. They are advised that they can take up a lease to maintain the frog pond nature strip to the rules and regulations set down by the Rural Victorian Frog Recovery Council. The Management of this is to be by Frogs Incorporated, a Government department that the locals consider already has a poor proven record of Management. The area has a history of tiger snake bites because their preferred food source is the Heidelberg Hopping Frog.

Despite the objections of the locals, the far removed Victorian Rural Frog Recovery Council says that they “must” implement the Legislation and their experts say there will be no increase in the number of Tiger Snakes because their computer modelling says that an increase in the food supply of the snakes actually means a reduction in tiger snakes, even though the Heidelberg and Ivanhoe area is already surrounded by 90% swampland, and has a proven history of snake bites.

To the locals it seems unbelievable that this snake threat is now being brought up to their front door. Even after strong local objection, the far removed career bureaucrats living in the rural areas of Victoria, state that they are the beholders of superior knowledge, and that “science” supports their actions, as does the “broader community”.

by Daryl Cochrane

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