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As services are increasingly moved online, companies and government bodies are using the internet as their first line of communication. This has a direct impact on everybody.

People who are familiar with the Internet can quickly adapt to the new way of communication, but a large group of people are left behind. If you are not comfortable using technology, or if you resist the change for any reason, you could be excluded from accessing vital services.

People are left behind

A large proportion of the population ( 20% ) is left behind. Some may be familiar with aspects of “technology” and “Internet”, others never had the need or opportunity, others never grew up with it.

The world is not going to change

Whether you like it or not, the way “services” are changing cannot be stopped. So there is a choice to “opt out” ( fair enough ) but  now there is a choice to “join”.

An Individual Approach

We deliver in small groups where each person is encouraged to express their own personal needs.

What would you like to get out of this training?

This is not your average computer training. Because we understand and respect that everybody is different, we focus on the individual learning needs of each participant.

No computer? No problem.

This training will cover computers, phones and tablets. Even if you have no equipment, you can use your skills visiting a library and use a public computer.

The “Be Connected” Project is a Federal Government initiative. It is designed to enable people who are missing out to catch up with technology, and to feel comfortable accessing the internet.


We are collecting expressions of interest. We plan to deliver some sessions in November.

Please contact YWG or fill in the form below.

Very likely we will deliver in small groups at somebody’s home TBA.

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