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Here we go again …

This is about Strategic Bushfire Management Planning

“Strategic bushfire management planning is a State Initiative to try to reduce bushfire risk. The process of developing a plan brings together land and fire managers, communities and other key stakeholders to develop a common understanding of bushfire risk across the landscape and determine appropriate management actions to reduce that risk.”

Timeline ( so far )

  • Sept 2018 – Oct 2018 – set objectives
  • Oct 2018 – Feb 2019 – Strategy options developed
  • 18 Feb – 18 March – engagement on strategy

This project has not been properly advertised. It came to our intention this week. As we speak there is two weeks left to respond.

You have a choice

a. Respond – follow the dictated procedure and “Have your Say”

b. do NOT respond – it will show later in the statistics “what the broad community voted for”


Please have a look at the follow link, the questionnaire is at the bottom

Letter of Concern

Review Bush Risk Management Plan

Community Investigation Report

A Timberman’s Fire Fighting Experience

A Timberman’s Story

Haining Farm Design Phase 2018

Development Haining Farm – Public Notice

A big part to convince the local community  to accept the developments around Haining Farm was the arument that the project would be a boost for the local community, with a cafe and visitors centre.

This is now stated as being “Currently Unfunded”.

So, we will end up with 59ha additional Fuel Load in the already Fire prone Upper Yarra Valley.

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