Haining Farm – Concept Plan – August 2018

Haining Farm

Is a separate development inside the Yellingbo Conservation Area ( Precinct 2 ), it concerns revegetating Haining Farm. The latest plan is shown above in the slide show.

There is great concern around the increase of fire risk with the planting of thousands of trees and shrubs.

Experts have written reports stating that there is NO INCREASE in risk of fire danger in replanting Haining farm.

Look at the images “before” and “after” and judge for yourself.

The bureaucrats contradict each other. Documents mention implementing “fire breaks”, but at the most critical places (North East corner of Haining Farm, touching the houses of Don Valley) there is NO fire break. This defies all Mitigation Measures.

Personal Blog

This document is a very good read, very well researched. It clearly expresses the concerns, the frustration with authority and devastating impact on personal live.

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